Curly Fryz

What first began as two passionate and hard working young girls attending performing arts school, competition dance studios, and creating silly comedic covers in their bathroom at 2AM, evolved into dancing with Prince, Rihanna, Meghan Trainor, Pharrell, Nick Cannon, Missy Elliot, The Wanted, and Pitbull, as well as being featured in many national commercials/print jobs and live performances.

Curly Fryz, composed of Singer (Dani) and Rapper (Charli) both whom are songwriters, professional dancers, models, actresses, stylists, movement coaches and choreographers. It was evident from early on that Curly Fryz were destined to ascend into the world of entertainment and eventually super stardom. With roots planted in New York and South Florida, Curly Fryz took advantage of every opportunity to build their craft and resume. Taking their dance talents and background with urban culture influences to emerge into artists with a strong message about positivity and female empowerment. Curly Fryz moved to Los Angeles in 2011 to begin their professional careers as dancers both signing to Bloc Talent agency in order to help further fund their dreams and passion for the music & arts.

Curly Fryz have quickly developed their artistry, writing and creating their sound with Grammy nominated producer Yonny. They couldn’t of done it without the guidance and leadership from their long time manager Vicky Curiel. Taking many notes from¬†Vicky along the way on how to master their craft, develop as young rising stars, as well as evolving into young business women and entrepreneurs.

Curly Fryz have barely scratched the surface with their radiance and talents. Releasing their debut single track and music video titled, “STAY ON TEN”, (Produced by Yonny) which was released January 10th, 2015. Curly Fryz has recently crossed over into other creative facets such as producing, directing, choreographing, as well as styling when they took over all of these roles in their 3 music videos; Stay on Ten, Feeling Good, and Knock it Down. Stay tuned for the future release dates for music videos “Feeling Good” and “Knock it Down”. In the meantime make sure to keep your eyes on this magnetic and dynamic duo, Curly Fryz, as they shine their light on the world, one stage and performance at a time.